Gerard Butler Explains His Perfect Girl

November 6, 2009 By:
Gerard Butler Explains His Perfect Girl

Listen up ladies! You want to score a date with Gerard Butler? Get your crazy hat out and put your those acting skills to good use.

Gerard is speaking out about his perfect and no so perfect girls claiming that although he wants someone normal, he can't help but fall for the "crazy" ones.

He explained: “I don’t know because often I feel that I meet a girl that is unexpected. There is no rhyme or reason. I always thought I don’t want a girl who is too crazy, too much for me, and then I meet a girl who is crazy and I go, ‘Wow, she is amazing.’

“But I can’t ever give a definite kind of woman because there are different things in different women I might like. I might like a girl who is gentle and innocent, but then again I might like a woman who is more statuesque and strong and powerful, it’s the polar opposites. It just depends on the moment, on the person, on magic.”

Gerard has been linked to just about every co-star he's ever worked with, every female he's ever lunched with, and even some women he's never met. But will this heartthrob ever settle down?

He explained to Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper: “Right now I question a bunch of things in my life and I am in a lot of ways more comfortable than ever. I know what still excites me, what can excite me and what is just never going to happen.

“But then also there are things I have different opinions on. Sometimes I think, ‘God, I wish I was married now, had kids’. Other times I think, ‘Thank Christ I am not married and don’t have kids yet. I can do that later.’

“But I can totally imagine it. It’s just not right now. I am great where I am at but it would be nice. It doesn’t have to be marriage. It could be to be in a relationship and I would definitely like kids some day.”

We still think Gerry and Jen Aniston should try dating. They seem so perfect for each other. Who would you love to see Gerard date?