George Bush's Decapitated Head on 'Game of Thrones'

June 14, 2012 By:
George Bush's Decapitated Head on 'Game of Thrones'

It was perhaps the boldest public anti-Bush statement on television since Kanye’s legendary “George Bush hates black people…” And it turns out it was completely unintentional.

A “Game of Thrones” fanatic stumbled upon a little gem in the season one DVD commentary with show creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. In episode 10 during there is a quick shot of several severed heads all spiked into the ground… One of those heads is George W. Bush.

Reddit user SidIncognito made the feature known, quoting the commentary:

"The last head on the left is George Bush. George Bush's head appears in a couple of beheading scenes. It's not a choice, it's not a political statement. We just had to use whatever head we had around."

Better question… Why did you just happen to have George Bush’s head lying around?

If you find yourself returning to your personal DVD collection or running to Blockbuster to see this for yourself, fast forward to about 12 minutes in. The shot happens when King Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) takes Sansa (Sophie Turner) to the group of heads, one of which belongs to her dead father (one of the non-G.B. noggins).

According to io9, who broke the story, the network responsible for the series, HBO, did not find this as amusing as some users.

“We were deeply dismayed to see this and find it unacceptable, disrespectful and in very bad taste,” a statement from the network read. “We made this clear to the executive producers of the series who apologized immediately for this inadvertent careless mistake.”

They went on to beg the viewers’ forgiveness, but really… Is anyone truly offended by this? Even Bush himself should be pretty stoked. His image was featured on a television show vastly more popular than his political career, taking his “coolness” up a couple notches.

Benioff and Weiss also issued a statement, asserting that there was no political motive to the move. It was pure quick decision making on set, inspiring by broke, film school style production.

“Heads, arms, etc. We can't afford to have these all made from scratch, especially in scenes where we need a lot of them, so we rent them in bulk,” their statement said. “After the scene was already shot, someone pointed out that one of the heads looked like George W. Bush.”