George and Laura Bush Move Out of the White House

January 20, 2009 By:
George and Laura Bush Move Out of the White House

While American's are anxiously waiting for the Inauguration of Barack Obama, the Bush's will be busy moving all their belongings out of the house they lived in for the past eight years.

So what's in the moving van? "Very, very few things," Mrs. Bush told People. "I mean, of course I have a million books, and lots of clothes – now."

"I'm leaving with a lot of clothes, which is great – I'll never have to buy clothes again." She must have gone shopping with Sarah Palin.

The former first couple isn't allowed to take any furniture with them when they move, but Laura has been busy in the past few weeks buying up a storm from antique furniture shops for their new four-bedroom home in Dallas's Tony Preston Hollow neighborhood.

The Obama's will officially be living in the White House as of 10:30am. When they arrive all their clothes will already be in their closets, their favorite foods will be in the pantry, and the furniture they picked will be in their places.

How sweet it must be to grow up in the White House. Malia and Sasha are two lucky kids!