George Micheal Says He's Being Used

June 16, 2008 By:
George Micheal Says He's Being Used

George Michael thinks he and Britney Spears are used in the media in order to cover up political scandals.  He says his name is used in the headlines far too often, and that something is being covered up.

He says, "In England I've probably had about 20 or 30 front pages in last two-and-a-half-years and what interests me is what else happened on those same days, and how much our government is getting away with day after day.

"It's the perfect cover-up to every major story they don't want us to hear: 'What did Britney Spears do today? Where did George Michael fall asleep?'"

Sadly, no one is trying to cover up anything. It's just that so many people have a desire to know what Britney is doing at all times much more than "real" news. As for George Michael, we didn't think anyone cared what he was up to, but we don't want to burst his bubble of thinking he and Brit are on the same playing field!