Weekly Twitter Update: 06.10.2011

June 10, 2011 By:
Weekly Twitter Update: 06.10.2011

As hard as it is, we’re not covering Anthony Weiner’s Twitter scandal. Instead, we’ve got a whole package of other tweets from celebs we’re just nuts about.

These stars were exploding with things to say this week, and we pulled out the best of them.

Oh, and also, penis.

@GeorgeLopez: “Headed to Houston with Honey Bear. 2 shows @VZNWTheater. #LopezInHouston”

- And Texans are thankful for the warning. As if there wasn't enough hot air over there.

@Joan_Rivers: “The weather here in New York City is hot, humid and muggy. YUCK! It's so sticky, I feel like a human Post-It!”

- Sure, if Post-its were 90% silicone.

@AlRoker : “Here's tomorrow's forecast map.”

- Spoiler alert!

@AudrinaPatridge : “Finally got a facial... Cleaned all the makeup out of my pores!.”

- Totally worth tweeting about.