George Lopez On 'Lopez Tonight' Cancellation: 'My Goddesses Left Me!'

August 11, 2011 By:
George Lopez On 'Lopez Tonight' Cancellation: 'My Goddesses Left Me!'

It's been a tough week for George Lopez. His TBS talk show, Lopez Tonight, was cancelled due to low ratings. Like, really cancelled. The last episode airs Thursday. So what did the comedian have to say about it?

In case you haven't heard the news, TBS has decided not to renew Lopez Tonight and tomorrow will be our last night,” Lopez told his studio audience, who jeered at the bad news. “The unemployment rate is high, and for Latinos, it just got a little higher!”

Had to throw a Latino joke in there, or it wouldn't be the same. He then added:

"I did get some good news this morning. Sony announced their doing a sequel to the Smurfs movie. (Lopez lent his voice to the film). So today, I lost some work because I'm brown, but also I got some work because I'm blue."

Huh? Alright, I'm starting to see why you're getting cancelled.

"Like every TV star before me, I'm gonna find some crack," he said, making a Charlie Sheen reference.

"I'm gonna get on the pipe! Lose that unwanted 110 pounds I wanted to lose. But I'm taking it good, I'm straight, believe me. I'm fine, my goddesses are a wreck, they left me!"

I want to laugh, I really do.

"We're not saying goodbye," Lopez continued. "We're saying 'cable doesn't work'."

But hey, at least he gets to tour with music legend Carlos Santana. Lopez announced his addition to the tour on Wednesday night's show.

Conan O'Brien said of the cancellation:

"Had it not been for George being so incredibly supportive of me, I would not have come to TBS and we would not be dong this show right now. I owe that man a lot and frankly, it makes me very sad that TBS and George could not work this out."

Well yeah, you owe him-as soon as you came to TBS, his ratings plummeted. No one wants to stay up till midnight to hear jokes like, "I got some work because I'm blue."

But Lopez should bounce back from this. He seems to have a ton of besties in the business, including Oscar winner Sandra Bullock.

"If it wasn't for her involvement in me, or her belief in me, I would have had a very different last 10 years," Lopez told PEOPLE.

"She invested in me, and she wouldn't take no for an answer. And with that, and just who she is, she has my undying love, and my undying loyalty," he said. "Every day I thank her for believing in me."

Lopez said of Bullock's newly adopted baby, Louis: "She's already my fairy godmother, but any child that gets to be in Sandra Bullock's arms is going to be a great person."