George Lopez: I Want Rob Kardashian On My Dating Show

June 6, 2012 By:
George Lopez: I Want Rob Kardashian On My Dating Show

George Lopez hosts a brand new dating show on FOX called “Take Me Out.”

The show premieres Thursday, June 7 and is based on the hugely popular international format, where 30 single women are introduced to several bachelors weekly, one by one. Each week the 30 women flip a switch that controls her fate for a date. Flip the light on if it’s a match, lights out if she wants to wait for the next Mr. Right.

On each episode, a guy and a girl are paired off and the remaining 30 women hold out for their Prince Charming.

Because the show moves so fast and the women can only respond by turning their light on or off, Lopez tells us that the hardest part for the bachelors on this show is to make a great first impression

“These girls, they’re cute, but they get down. They get to business and it reminds me how difficult it is to make a good first impression,” Lopez tells us at the "Take Me Out" Premiere event Tuesday night, “When you try to be natural, it’s the most unnatural. It’s a trip to see dudes unravel and fight for the date.”

For now, the show is only eight episodes, but Lopez hopes to change that.

“This is a fun show for the summer, eight episodes, but I’d like to see it continue, I’d like to see it come back in the fall and the spring…It’s Fox, it’s a powerhouse network,” admits Lopez.

Similar to other successful dating shows like “The Bachelor,” it features regular non-famous individuals, but Lopez says, “I think it would be great if every once in a while [they] threw a celebrity in there.”

If Lopez could have any single celeb join his show, he wants this guy…

“You know, I’d like to see Rob Kardashian on there.”

At the end of the day, Lopez says the best part of the show is watching women make every excuse in the book for why this or that guy isn’t right for her.

“The girls will be honest and say, I need a guy that’s taller. This guy looks like he fell out of the nineties, this guy looks like my dad, I can’t date this guy because he reminds me of my brother, he reminds me of my first boyfriend, my last boyfriend, [he reminds me of] the worst relationship I ever had. You hear some crazy stuff.”

"Take Me Out" premieres tomorrow night on FOX at 8pm.