Women Who Date Like Men: The Female Versions of George Clooney

October 9, 2011 By:
Women Who Date Like Men: The Female Versions of George Clooney

George Clooney has famously stated that he doesn't want to get married ever again, he's also said that "I think the reason to get married is if you're having kids" and then he said, "I don't have anything in me like most people have that says you have to reproduce."

George Clooney is essentially a life long bachelor. He's like that 27 year old guy that won’t move out of the frat house but because he's so attractive, it hasn't become a problem yet.

Even though Clooney is 50 years old, he never dates women older than 35, he only dates hotties, and when one of his revolving door of women utters the "M" word, he kicks them to the curb (or to the set of Dancing With The Stars).

So for all the men out there who aim to be an eternal bachelor like Clooney, what about the female players? Who are the ladies out there that we could easily call the-female-version-of-George-Clooney?

Drew Barrymore: Drew Barrymore has dated more men than Clooney's dated women. She may not seem like a man-eater because she has that valley girl voice and does commercials for Covergirl, but don't be fooled. She's been engaged 4 times, married twice and generally dates guys younger than her. She basically falls in love once per year and has dated literally EVERYONE. Apparently she's dating some non-famous guy and wants to marry him (what's new) but has dated Justin Long, Ed Norton, Andy Dick, Luke Wilson, Hugh Grant, Jason Segel, Spike Jonze, Sam Rockwell and even married Tom Green (to name a few). I can't tell if she's a player or just desperate?

Renee Zellweger: She dated Clooney in the early 2000's and it's almost like she modeled her dating style after him. She married Kenny Chesney for 128 days, which she called "the biggest personal mistake of my life," but since we can't really call that a "real marriage" she's essentially been hopping from dude to dude ever since. She's 42 now, so she's no spring chicken, but she loves doing the cougar thing, dating much younger men like John Krasinski and Bradley Cooper. Now she's apparently dating John Stamos, which is really f-cking random. While he's more age appropriate than Bradley Cooper, none of her relationships ever seem marriage worthy, which is why I think she dates just like George Clooney. Hot younger dates to keep around for a while, but never settle down with.

Halle Berry: If George Clooney is THE silver fox (not counting Anderson Cooper, of course) then Halle Berry is THE MILF. She's been married twice, first to baseball player David Justice and then to singer Eric Benet. Since then she's stated that she has no plans to marry ever again. She has since then dated only pretty boy models/actor types who aren't nearly as famous as her. She had a child with her French model ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. She's now dating another French-man, Olivier Martinez, an attractive actor who usually dates models. Nothing about this relationship seems serious at all.

Kate Winslet: It's hard to believe that Winslet is the same age as Drew Barrymore, because she seems like she's a decade older, but Winslet tends to fall in "love" just as easily. She was married twice and found her rebound with hottie model Louis Dowler. She's kind of one of those serial monogamists, which is the weirdest and most oxymoronic phrase ever. Then while she was still supposedly dating Louis Dowler, she apparently started hooking up with Richard Branson's nephew, a man who goes by the name, Ned Rocknroll. No one with the last name Rocknroll has any plans to "settle down." Sorry Kate.

Sandra Bullock: While Sandra hasn't shown any "George Clooney" sensibilities just yet, I'm predicting that she's going to go the route of the Clooney very soon. Before she settled down with that idiot Jesse James, she dated a lot of guys, including her cougar cub boyfriend, Ryan Gosling. Now that she was cheated on by James, already has a son and is almost 50 years old, I think she might take a "whatever works" approach to dating. Now that she's rumored to be dating Ryan Reynolds (or maybe not, he's also rumored to be dating Blake Lively) Sandra should just date like a man, or better yet, wouldn't Sandra and Clooney make the hottest half-century-old couple ever?