Why George Clooney Should Never Have Kids

February 8, 2012 By:
Why George Clooney Should Never Have Kids

And it's not just because of the crazy, endless media frenzy that would result from that happening. You would never hear the end of it.

George Clooney realizes he's not destined to be a parent, and here's why: he told a group of kids to "shut the f-ck up."

Clooney revealed: "I love the 1962 drama To Kill A Mockingbird and I put it on in my screening room for them but all the children began complaining it was in black and white and would be boring."

Yes, good point, kids. But George continues:

"So I said to them: 'Shut the f-ck up! That's why I shouldn't be a parent."

I didn’t think it was possible to like George Clooney any more, but I stand corrected. Sure, it's abusive, inappropriate language for kids, but I'll bet you one thing: those kids shutted the f-ck up!

At a pre-Oscars lunch, George continued his rant about children:

"I've played a parent quite a few times and I worked with a lot of kids on ER. A lot of the child actors had over-moussed hair and one little sh-t wouldn't even rehearse with me."

You think he's talking about Noah Wyle? I think he's talking about Noah Wyle.

Although George says he's not dad material, he does say there's one Hollywood star he's willing to adopt: His Descendants costar, Shailene Woodley.

"I want to adopt Shailene because she's 20 and smart, and I figure she has a big career ahead and can support me. So, I'm looking to adopt very successful people."