Who Should George Clooney Date Next?

June 22, 2011 By:
Who Should George Clooney Date Next?

George Clooney gets more action than a Michael Bay movie. Especially for someone who publicly admits he's never, ever going to commit. His socially conscious endeavors and deep, baritone voice seem to hypnotize women right into his arms. Oh right, and he's hot.

After breaking up with Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis, we're wondering who the classically handsome hunk will end up with next. He's said in the past, "Just because you're with someone, it doesn't mean you're incredibly happy and complete." We want George to be happy, so we've rounded up a few sexy sirens who might complete him. Until they want to get married, at least.

Bar Refaeli: Bar has everything George looks for in a woman: an accent, a great personality and, of course, a butt that refuses to quit. Leo might have left her for Blake Lively, but being seen with George Clooney would be such sweet revenge.

Elizabeth Hurley: Elizabeth hasn't had the best luck with men. But she's a low-key, classy lady and it's about time she had a stable romance. Enter George Clooney. Marriage hasn't worked out too well for Hurley, so I doubt his reluctance to walk down the aisle will be an issue. But if George is caught soliciting a prostitute, I'm giving up on men.

Stacy Dash: Dash isn't in the spotlight much, but she's forty five and looks younger than Megan Fox. George Clooney should get a hold of her for that reason alone.

Betty White: She's single (widowed) and she's never been hotter than she is now. Sure, she's 89, but if Hugh Hufner can nab a 25 year old, Betty White should be able to date George Clooney. She might just be the only one who can tame that wild stallion.