Top 10 Celebrities People Want to Kiss on New Year's Eve

December 30, 2011 By:
Top 10 Celebrities People Want to Kiss on New Year's Eve

It's tradition to kick the New Year off with a kiss. Sometimes, it's a romantic smooch with your significant other. Other times, it's desperately searching for some lonely schmuck at the club so you're not the only one not hooking up at midnight. Traditions are hard.
Yahoo! polled its readers to see which celebrities they most want to make-out with on New Year's Eve when midnight strikes. You might be surprised with the results, but then again, you might not be (ahem…George Clooney…ahem). Without further adieu, here are the top 10 celebs people want to kiss on New Year's Eve.



George Clooney: No surprise here. Clooney came in first place with 28% of the vote.
Johnny Depp: Johnny earned 27% of the vote, despite those saggy beanies he likes to wear. Come on, Johnny, you're hot, ditch those weird hats. They make your head look like a pregnant ant!
Ryan Reynolds: Scarlett Johansson's ex got 18% of the vote.
Brad Pitt: He's still got it. Brad raked in a good 12%.
Ryan Gosling: Hell yes. Ryan Gosling got 7% of the vote, coming in last. You people are nuts. But that's okay, more Gosling for the rest of us.



Jennifer Aniston: Not only was she voted hottest woman of all time this year, Jennifer Aniston is also the #1 female celeb people want to kiss on New Year's Eve.
Halle Berry: Halle came in second with 18% of the vote. This one makes sense, especially considering the woman hasn't aged.
Scarlett Johansson: Not to be outdone by her ex-husband, Scarlett made the list with 17% of the vote.
Angelina Jolie: Come on, only 13%? I remember a time when Angelina was known as the most beautiful woman alive. Now she's pulling up the rear in forth place.
Megan Fox: Megan got 12% of the vote. Good for you, Megan. Botox or not, whatever you're doing is obviously working.