There Will Be No Mini George Clooney's

February 17, 2011 By:
There Will Be No Mini George Clooney's

Elisabetta Canalis, aka girlfriend of George Clooney, has "decided" she's not having kids with her highly sought-after boyfriend. She tells the Italian version of Cosmopolitan:

" [Getting pregnant has] never been an objective for me."

She also says she is "happy to participate at events as the 'girlfriend of.'"

So only one question remains: Who is going to tell this woman she has no say in any of this?

You stand in a long line of women, and if George Clooney walks past you and nods, you have been chosen. You must then give up everything: your career, identity, aspirations for motherhood…whatever it takes. It's George Clooney!

"Italian men find it really hard to say, 'I love you,' " she says. "In summary, American men are more open from an emotional standpoint."

It isn't right though. George Clooney should have some legal obligation to replicate that DNA. At any rate, you are the chosen one, Elisabetta. Godspeed.