Sarah Larson Hearbroken Over Breakup

June 3, 2008 By:
Sarah Larson Hearbroken Over Breakup

Sarah Larson is heartbroken over her breakup with George Clooney. She was apparently blindsided because she actually thought George was going to propose and they were going to live happily ever after.

She thought they were getting married. Instead, she got dumped,” a friend told Fox News. “She’s really upset. Devastated.”

Sarah had to pack up her stuff and move out of the house they shared in LA. She’s back in Las Vegas which is where they first met.

“She’s totally heartbroken and doesn’t deserve this,” a friend said. “It came out of nowhere. They had made all these plans.”

These reports would be believable but the only thing is that Sarah didn’t look too devastated when she walked the red carpet at the Maloof’s Spa opening over the weekend. She was actually sporting a very big smile and pain didn’t seem to be behind those eyes. She had an awesome year with a superstar, it’s definitely gonna be hard to find someone to live up to that. But then again, it’s Vegas so it’s not that hard to find George Clooney types there.