Sarah Larson And George Clooney Still Friends

July 8, 2008 By:
Sarah Larson And George Clooney Still Friends

Sarah Larson has been single for a few weeks now after her split with George Clooney, but she's insisting she's doing fine over the breakup, and the two of them are on good terms. In an interview with Hello! Magazine, Sarah opened up about her relationship, and didn't sound bitter at all.

She says, "George is a great guy, a wonderful person. I don't regret spending time with him. We still remain friends and have kept in touch. In fact, we spoke over the phone a couple of days ago."

And as for what she'll take away from her relationship with the world's sexiest bachelor? "Most people know George has a great sense of humor and is an adept storyteller. But I will always love his extraordinary dance moves."

Sarah says she's focusing on her career right now, doing modeling, charity, and hoping to eventually slip into the background again and open up her own business. It must be a tough transition, going from arm candy for George Clooney, back to your former life. But Sarah seems to be taking it in stride.