Ryan Gosling: George Clooney is Like the Beatles

October 8, 2011 By:
Ryan Gosling: George Clooney is Like the Beatles

There's a lot of budding bromance going on on the set of "The Ides of March." First George Clooney said that he's training Ryan Gosling to become the next Sexiest Man Alive in People Magazine's annual poll and now Ryan Gosling says that working with George Clooney is basically like working with The Beatles.

So lots of LSD, skinny black ties and hating on Yoko Ono? No, Ryan says George Clooney causes such fan frenzy it's like Beatlemania all over again.

"With George, it was like hanging out with the Beatles," says Ryan. "We would be shooting and there would be parking structures with every level filled with people watching us."

So essentially it was Clooneymania around the set of "The Ides of March." While Ryan is making his way into those levels of stardom, he's amazed at how George isn't bothered by it.

"It was crazy and kind of scary at the same time but George is totally cool with it."

I don't think anything phases George Clooney, he just kind of breezes through life, alternating between winking, giving high fives and boning 30-year-olds.

Because George Clooney directed the film, Ryan says that Clooney didn't take his directing chair too seriously, claiming that he played pranks on the cast all the time.

"Sometimes you end up with wet pants. Sometimes you think you're getting a hard-boiled egg at the craft service table and it's raw. Sometimes you're getting shot at with a Nerf gun from behind the monitor when he doesn't like your performance."

So it's like the 12 year-old version of Punk'd. Nerf guns, really?

Ryan Gosling was a child actor himself, remember, he was on the Mickey Mouse Club along with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears back in the day? Anyways, Gosling calls himself a "weirdo" and calls all other Hollywood child stars weirdoes too.

"It turns you into a real weirdo it you're a kid actor but it's great training," says Gosling.

Training for what? Weirdo training or acting training? Both, I guess.

"It's hard to make the jump from being a child actor to an adult actor because it's hard to change people's perceptions of you. It was very difficult."

I'm sure it wasn't hard at all to get people to change their perception of Gosling, also a former child star. All he had to do is take off his shirt, say the words, "Hey Girl" and in that instant nobody remembered that he was on an episode of "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"