Roberto Cavalli on George Clooney's Girlfriend: "She's an Erotic Dream"

January 5, 2010 By:
Roberto Cavalli on George Clooney's Girlfriend:

Could George Clooney finally have found the one? According to Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, it's definitely possible!

Roberto Cavalli, who is friends with George's current squeeze Elisabetta Canalis, claims that the two will last because she is not only beautiful but also intelligent.

Roberto said: “Elisabetta is beautiful and very sensual. She’s an erotic dream for many men. It’s that mix of undeniable beauty and the down-to-earth spontaneity of the girl next door. And I think that’s exactly why she’s successful - a stellar smile in a sweet face, combined with an intriguing, sensual expression.”

Wow, that's an amazing description of a woman. We're sold! Cavalli also thinks that these two have what it takes to last forever--unlike all of George Clooney's other relationships.

He told Hello! magazine: “George and Elisabetta are in love. They’re both gorgeous, fascinating people and their romance is a dream. People need to dream and this couple’s love story reminds you of those legendary romances of the past...I think I was one of the first people she confided in about George.

He added, “At first, I did wonder how an Italian girl like Elisabetta could date such an American guy like George, but time has shown that this great love is going to last. In fact, I’d bet anything on it, and it’s my wish for both of them.”

There you go folks! George Clooney might have finally found the "one." Do you guys think Elisabetta has what it takes to get Hollywood's most infamous bachelor to settle down?