Is There a Wedding in George Clooney's Future?

January 23, 2011 By:
Is There a Wedding in George Clooney's Future?

The million dollar question has finally been answered! Will George Clooney tie the knot again?

The answer is no!

George has been dating Elisabetta Canalis since 2009 and that’s longer than most of his relationships usually last so everyone has been making the assumption that she’s the one.

Unfortunately, there is no “one” for George as he has revealed that walking down the aisle again is not in his future.

George and his father were guests on Piers Morgan Tonight on Friday where his father asked him whether he would tie the knot again.

"I hate to blow your whole news story, but I was married," said George, who was married to Talia Balsam from 1989 to 1993. "Yeah, so I've proven how good I was at it, and I just. ... I'm allowed one."

George of a man of the world! He will remain single and continue to date beautiful women just because he can.