Hollywood Bad Boys and Why We Love Them

March 30, 2011 By:
Hollywood Bad Boys and Why We Love Them

Every woman claims to want a gentle, sensitive Prince Charming to open doors and whisper sweet nothings. But it's interesting, then, how many women fall for careless, rough-riding bad boys.

In Photos: Hollywood Bad Boys We Love

Think it's just a myth? Check out Rihanna's recent Rolling Stone interview, where she said, "I think I’m a bit masochistic. I love feeling like I'm somebody's girl. I love to be tied up and spanked." And we all know what kind of men that thought process gets her.

While not all women go for guys that are "rip your shirt off and smash a window" bad, we sure do love the rest of Hollywood's rebels. We're not saying these guys are boyfriend material, but here's a list of Hollywood's most sought after Bad Boys.

1. Colin Farrell: He fits the bill. He's the epitome of the Hollywood Bad Boy, so much so, that he's recently been rumored to be dating bad boy magnet Rihanna. He's got the look: tattoos, piercings, a disheveled appearance that says, "I haven't showered in weeks." Ok, so it doesn't sound that good on paper, but Farrell's got the unkempt, careless thing down pat. And on top of that, he's got a rough Irish accent. His roles have run the gamut from villain to hero, but the real Colin Ferrell has a wicked side that reins supreme. Aside from his stints in and out of rehab, Farrell has starred in his own porn and hooked up with half of Hollywood. He might have recently claimed to be changed by fatherhood, but I'm sure the bad boy gene is embedded in his DNA.

2. Kanye West: He has attitude. Even Kanye's ego has an ego, and women love it. His overly confident sense of entitlement just seems to make him endearing. It takes a special kind of person to walk into a Paris fashion show without regard, totally uninvited, and not worry about rejection.

3. Sean Penn: Despite his age, Sean Penn is addicted to life. He's an unrelenting addict/philanthropist who's all over the place. He loves booze, cigarettes, women and adventure. And because of his work in New Orleans, Haiti, etc., women see that deep inside that rough exterior, there's a super sensitive side that sees the world's problems and aims to solve them. How can someone so sensitive be such a heartbreaker? That's the paradox that keeps the notches in Sean Penn's bedpost. Watch out, Scarlett!

4. Ryan Phillippe: He's the bad boy next door. He might have a kind face, but Ryan takes advantage of his celebrity status by bouncing around the hottest women in Hollywood, including recent on-again/off-again/on-again love, Amanda Seyfriend. And all the time Ryan spends in the gym certainly doesn't hurt.

5. Gerard Butler: He's got game. At any event, Butler is guaranteed to have a slue of ladies surrounding him, vying for his attention. At 6'2, with his gray/green/blue/whatever eyes, it's no wonder this gladiator is such a hit with the ladies. And he knows how to work them, too. He once confessed, "I'm certainly no angel. There's no smoke without fire." It's not the best metaphor, but hey, who needs a literary genius? We just hope Jessica Biel doesn't get burned (again)!

6. John Mayer: He breaks the rules. One defining characteristic of a true bad boy: he makes his own rules, and one of the biggest dating rules is, you don't kiss and tell. John Mayer's diarrhea of the mouth has gotten him so much flack, it's a wonder any woman puts herself through having sex with him. But he's been with the likes of Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, and Cameron Diaz. He talks publicly about his private sex-life with these high-profile ladies, and he gets away with it every time.

7. And then there was George Clooney: He's the ultimate bachelor. George Clooney is like the Beatles. People from every generation love him. Probably the most charming man in Hollywood, George can win over your mom and your grandma. But women who love bad boys really just love the challenge, and George Clooney is as challenging as it gets, at least when it comes to marriage. He's expressed repeatedly that he will never settle down, and with a new girlfriend every year, he's proving it! Keep tugging ladies, maybe one of you can get him to tie that knot!

If it's the challenge women love, the ultimate goal is to tame these wild stallions and access that part of them that's no-(wo)man's-land. Most of these guys act the way they do because of deep-seeded psychological issues, and what women doesn't love playing healer? And hey, it could be possible. Look at Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Russell Brand and Mark Wahlberg. These one time bad boys were transformed by their ladies into suave, domesticated gentlemen.

But there are some that refuse reformation and stick to the bad boy bachelor lifestyle forever. Charlie Sheen, for example, lives with two goddesses and parties like a rock star every day of the week.

Ok, so they're second-rate slut models and "partying" is forgetting to feed his dog and falling asleep in his fedora, but hey, in his head, he's living it up, bad-boy style!