George Clooney's New Girlfriend to Move In With Him?

June 5, 2009 By:
George Clooney's New Girlfriend to Move In With Him?

George Clooney sure loves those cocktail waitresses. Rumor on the block is that he wants to have his latest 23-year old cocktail waitress, Lucy Wolvert, move in with him just after two months of dating.

A source tells MailOnline: “They’ve started out casual, but things are moving fast and she’s told friends they’re planning to spend a large part of the summer together. She’s talking about moving in with George in Los Angeles which is pretty amazing considering they’ve only known each other a couple of months.”

The two met while George was filming his latest movie, Up In The Air in Miami Beach, Florida.

George reportedly flies to Miami to see her every week but her friends are worried that he is just going to break her heart.

The source continued: “Lucy is totally smitten with George and he’s drawn to her in a passionate way. Everyone’s just hoping it lasts and she doesn’t get her heart broken.”

Umm, does she actually think she's going to be the one to save George and his bachelor lifestyle? No one can save George, he's community property. He's a bachelor for life! Let her just be happy with the lifestyle he is offering her in the present time and not think of her future with George.