George Clooney's Father thinks He Would Make a Great President

November 4, 2011 By:
George Clooney's Father thinks He Would Make a Great President

Just because you play a President in a movie, does not make you one. But because this is Hollywood and weirder things have happened, and by that I mean Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming Governor, anything can happen.

Because George Clooney plays the presidential candidate in the movie, “The Ides of March” his dad thinks he would make a great actual president.

Now this isn’t your typical dad who is proud of his son, George’s dad Nick Clooney ran for a seat in Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District in 2004.

Speaking on the “John Muray Show” in Ireland’s RTE Radio One, Nick said, “I don’t know whether [George] will even run for president.”

Let me stop you there, Nick. He won’t. Even though he’s George Clooney, he can’t become president. If that happens, I am moving to South America and living on a houseboat.

“I know he closely followed my race for the US House of Representatives in Kentucky but he didn't like what he saw,” continues Clooney’s dad, “He understands compromise but I don't think he's comfortable with the level of compromise involved in politics. My guess is he will not run for elective office although I do hope I'm wrong as I think he would make a great public servant.”

He would make a good public servant in that he could convince every female member of Congress to pass his bills simply by making eye contact and whispering the phrase “Lake Como.”

Clooney’s dad also adds that he likes being referred to as “George Clooney’s dad” as I’ve been referring to him this entire article. His sister was a famous singer, Rosemary Clooney, so he is used to the celebrity comparison.

“I don't mind being referred to as George's Dad, I had plenty of training, I was known as Rosemary's brother for a long time before this."

However, if Clooney ever runs for any sort of political office, he wouldn’t be the first to do so.

I’ve already mentioned Governor Schwarzenegger, in his incredible and ridiculous crawl from Austrian bodybuilding to action film star to US governor he is the most notorious celeb turned politician.

Ronald Regan was in hundreds of “B films” in the 50’s before he became the Governor of California and eventually President. Thank goodness Schwarzenegger never got that far.

Donald Trump was running for a presidential bid, because when you have that much money you can finance your own campaign, why the hell not? He dropped out of the race in May.

Funnyman Steven Colbert also ran for the presidential nominee in 2008, but also dropped out. No-one really knew if he was serious or part of the world’s most elaborate political satire.