George Clooney's Ex Gives Stacy Keibler Advice

September 22, 2011 By:
George Clooney's Ex Gives Stacy Keibler Advice

Rule number one: never mention his stint on Roseanne.

George Clooney's ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Daily, is offering up some dating advice for his latest arm candy—Stacy Keibler.

Daily dated Clooney in 1993 after his split from ex-wife Talia Balsam. Is it fair to give dating advice eighteen years later? He's probably upgraded a bit since then. Can't give instructions on Clooney 4.0 when you've only worked with the old model, am I right?

But then again, Daily's statements seem to reflect Clooney's general reputation:

"I wouldn’t have any expectation of anything serious. Enjoy him. Girls think they can tame him. But it will never happen."

Yeah. I think that ship has sailed. His last six girlfriends were probably aware of the fact that the "what are we" conversation was never going to happen. I don’t see anyone being delusional enough to think they're going to tame that silver fox.

"They’re wasting their time," Elizabeth continues.

I don’t know if I'd call it a waste. It's George Clooney!

"Even [when we dated] he was adamant that he wouldn't get married again," Elizabeth explains.

She does, however, admit that the man is hot:

"He's a beautiful and sexy and a true man." I guess she would know.

Keibler probably doesn’t need the warning, because she doesn’t seem like a gal who's too concerned with her future. I mean, her first career move was professional wrestling. Also, Keibler has told PEOPLE that when she met George Clooney, she wasn't looking for anything.

"I was just living in the moment. I was actually not really searching for a boyfriend."

She explains that she's not worried about what the future may or may not definitely won't hold.

"I don’t think about [the future]. I live in the present moment. That was my New Year's resolution…and it's worked out pretty good so far."

You got that right. Stacy doesn’t really have a huge list of "must haves" for her ideal man, either. She says she just wants "a good sense of humor."

"And polite…I think someone who is genuine and honest and someone who likes to have a great time no matter what they’re doing.”

Before hooking up with Clooney, Stacy dated The Finder star Geoff Stults. The couple was together for five years before deciding to split.

Looks like it was an amicable breakup though, as Stults only has nice things to say about his ex:

"She would be everybody’s best friend. She’s the kind of girl that people want to hang out with.”