George Clooney Shows Stacy Keibler Lake Como For First Time

June 12, 2012 By:
George Clooney Shows Stacy Keibler Lake Como For First Time

What would you do to trade places with Stacy Keibler? Kill someone? Rob a bank? Commit a federal crime? All of the above!? Yeah, probably.

Clearly rubbing their relationship in our faces, George Clooney and Stacy “I can’t believe he hasn’t dumped her yet” Keibler were spotted boarding a boat on Lake Como, Italy.

Keibler was wearing a baby blue pantsuit romper and a matching fedora hat. Clooney was looking all sorts of silver fox fine in a grey button down with sleeves rolled up, some aviator shades, and perfect white boating shoes. That man was born to own a yacht… and a lake… and a trophy girlfriend.

George Clooney owns a lakeside home on Lake Como since 2001 and has been notorious for throwing lavish celebrity-infested parties all the time.

Surprisingly, this is Keibler’s first time visiting Lake Como! I know right!? Brad Pitt has been there more times than Keibler. They must not be THAT serious (Just, keep telling yourself that).

This Italian vacation comes just days after Clooney whisked Keibler away to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Fun Fact: In the 10 months that these two have been dating, Clooney has taken Keibler to Mexico 5 times.

Has your travel agent even been that good to you? Doubt it.

Clooney spends every summer at his Lake Como home. The villa features 30 rooms but Clooney reportedly wanted to sell it in 2010 and reached some high bidders like David Beckham.