George Clooney On Brad Pitt's Retirement: 'Don't See It Happening'

November 16, 2011 By:
George Clooney On Brad Pitt's Retirement: 'Don't See It Happening'

George Clooney is calling his pal Brad Pitt's bluff. Earlier this week, Pitt claimed that he'll retire from acting in a few years, so he can focus on his new TLC show, 6 Kids and Counting.

Okay, there's no TLC show. But he and Angelina Jolie are like, one kid away from starring in one. And no, they're probably not done having them. Just this week, Brad said, "I don’t know that we're finished yet."

And, now, George Clooney is putting his two cents in about his fellow actor's retirement plan:

"I hope he doesn’t," Clooney said at the premiere of The Descendents. "I'd like to work with him again." Of course, the two both appeared in the Ocean's 11 flicks, better known as those movies your girlfriend actually wanted to see despite them not being chick flicks. Clooney and Pitt also starred in the Coen brothers movie, Burn After Reading.

But Clooney thinks he'll get another chance to work with Pitt.

"I sorta don’t see it happening," George said. "He's at the peak of his career."

After the world went ape sh-t at the thought of Brad Pitt not acting, the actor clarified his statement, saying, "I wasn't putting an exact deadline on my expiration date. But I see it coming. I have other interests."

Other interests, like having sex with Angelina Jolie so they can make more babies with faux hawks.

When it comes to his own retirement, Clooney says he thinks about it "all the time."

Come on, Clooney, you can't retire yet! There are plenty of political films to be made and plenty of women to take to Lake Como.

Clooney walked hand in hand at the premiere of The Descendents with his new flame, ex-pro wrestler, Stacy Keibler. And believe it or not, she's met the parents. Stacy posed for pictures along with Nina and Nick Clooney. She wore a plunging, low-cut, cleavage filled dress. Most of us would cringe meeting our boyfriend's parents in that outfit, but this is coming from a woman who used to wear underwear and wrestling boots in public. To her, that dress was basically a burqa.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, George Clooney recently discussed his girlfriend's PDC—public display of Clooney. Meaning, she Tweets about their dates.

"She can do whatever she wants," Clooney said. "I rarely tell anybody what they should be doing with their life."