George Clooney is Grooming Ryan Gosling to Take the 'Sexiest Man Alive' Title

October 6, 2011 By:
George Clooney is Grooming Ryan Gosling to Take the 'Sexiest Man Alive' Title

George Clooney and Ryan Gosling star opposite one another in the new film, "The Ides of March" and since Clooney has been twice named People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive (in 1997 and 2006) he thinks it's time to train a new generation of sexy men.

While the other Ryan (Ryan Reynolds) is the current titleholder for People's Sexiest Man Alive, Clooney thinks Ryan Gosling has what it takes to beat-out Reynolds and become the sexiest Ryan in Hollywood.

"Listen, Brad (Pitt) and Matt (Damon) and I are going to sit him down and go through some of the things he should do for the campaign." jokes Clooney last night at the premiere of his movie.

I just imagine that this crew of ridiculously good looking leading men all hangout together, smoking cigars and polishing their motorcycles and swapping stories of how to stay sexy; like how to maintain year-round 5 o'clock shadow, how to look directly into the sun to perfect the smoldering eye without going blind, and how to convince your director to let you take your shirt off in more scenes.

However, Clooney ain't bitter that he's no longer in the running for the "Sexiest Man" title. He jokes to David Letterman, "I told them I should be the Sexiest Man STILL alive for AARP."

Clooney, who's dating 31-year-old WWE wrestler, Stacey Kiebler, says he just turned 50, but is totally fine with it. "I just hit 50 ... it's cool ... I'm fine with it, it's good fun! I guess it's better than [being dead]."

While most women in America think George Clooney is the silverest of foxest, he thinks that the older he gets the less he's going to be acting, "The grayer you get, the more [audiences] don't want to see you in front of the camera."

I love it when George Clooney pretends to be self-deprecating. He probably made that statement while winking at himself in a mirror.

Anyways, Clooney has been moving into more directing roles lately, he's currently directing and starring in "The Ides of March" and says he loves it.

"Directing is great because I get to boss actors around. Like in Ides of March I got to boss Ryan Gosling around. Like I would say, 'Don't wear that olive green suit' and he would have to do what I said. I got a kick out of it."