George Clooney Helps Boast Sex Toy Sales

September 18, 2008 By:
George Clooney Helps Boast Sex Toy Sales

90% of American women will buy just about anything George Clooney endorses, and sex toys are no different.

Clooney, who plays a sex addict in his new flick 'Burn After Reading,' carries around two items "The Liberator Ramp" and "The Silky" in the flick. Both are currently being sold in sex shops around the world.

Thanks to Clooney's plug, sales of both are on the rise. One retailer told the NY Post, "Small mentions of adult products in mainstream media can have an outsized effect on sales."

This is almost as huge as "the rabbit" on Sex and the City. Almost. Let's face it, no one sold sex better than Samantha.