George Clooney: Brad Pitt Is Evil

February 16, 2012 By:
George Clooney: Brad Pitt Is Evil

We’re probably more interested in George Clooney’s relationship with Brad Pitt more than any other relationship he’s been in.

The two have a budding bromance, with George constantly taking jabs at his costar. At least I assume they’re jabs. It’d be hilarious if George Clooney was serious this entire time--calling him evil, making fun of him using a cane, etc.

“Can you make me look younger than Brad Pitt?” George asks during his shoot with The Hollywood Reporter.

When they asked what movie he’s had the most fun working on, Clooney named the ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ movies.

“Don Cheadle is pretty evil,” Clooney said of the on set pranks. “Brad’s pretty evil.”

From there, the mag then asked him about Brad’s acting career. George responded:

“If he sticks it out, he’s got a good shot. And there’s always dinner theater for him…if he doesn’t make it, he’s still got that option.”

George goes on to explain that yes, while he and Brad are friends, they aren’t as tight as people make them out to be.

“We’re good friends, but it’s different from what people think,” George said. “Meaning we don’t spend a lot of time together. He has been to my home in Como; we motorcycle together. But until recently, I hadn’t seen Brad in a year.”

Make time for your boy, Brad.

Meanwhile, ‘The Artist’ star Jean Dujardin is often referred to as ‘The French George Clooney.’ George says of that:

“I am actually the American Jean Dujardin”