George Clooney Blogs About Darfur

March 4, 2009 By:
George Clooney Blogs About Darfur

George Clooney' heart belongs to Darfur, which is why the actor and human rights advocate has taken to his blog today at The Daily Beast to discuss his recent trip to the Darfur region.

The president of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, has just been indicted for crimes against humanity, notes George adding, it's a "tiny window of hope."

Here's what he had to say:

Last week, I visited a camp in Chad—a camp of about 12,000 refugees and internally displaced persons. I was there three years ago. The violence there is nowhere near the scale that is going on just miles across the border in Sudan.

I think what was most disturbing about the place was how little it had changed. "Normal" is 800 calories a day, sickness, threats of rebel violence, or just crime. When you see their faces, the hope that was there three years ago was all but gone. There are still moments. We walked through a village where children would follow me and chant the name “Obama.”

His promise of “hope” having such a different meaning here. But there’s too little hope. Time and time again they’ve seen the convoy of white trucks and even whiter faces pull up, drag out their camera crew and pull aside the most damaged family they can find. We film them as they give honest answers to questions no person should have to answer. “

What happened?” “How did you lose that arm?” “Were you raped?” “By how many?” Then, just as they’ve seen time and time again, we jump back in our vehicles and run to the next place. “Not really tragic enough,” is said out loud (probably by me). “Maybe there’s somebody that’s been attacked more recently.” It’s all been covered before.