George Clooney Actually Peaked in 1997-1998

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George Clooney Actually Peaked in 1997-1998
Image By: NBC

We've gathered some photos of George Clooney from more than 15 years ago and we're just going to leave them here for you.

George Clooney had a damn good year from 1997-1998.

People Magazine

It was the year he was named “The Sexiest Man Alive” by People mag.


How could he not be with that charming expression?

Stewart Cook/Getty Images


And that forearm?



Please note his downward gaze.

Patrick Riviere/Getty Images


And his upward gaze.



He wore this giant tie on the cover of GQ.

GQ Magazine


He saved a gazillion lives as Dr. Doug Ross.



‘97 was definitely his most adorable year, DOGGONIT.




He got to star alongside Michelle Pfeiffer.

New Woman


And Jennifer Lopez.



We’ll even ignore those frosted tips for a minute because that’s how amazing ‘97–‘98 was for George.

Brenda Chase/Getty Images


We’ll also ignore this momentary misstep.

Comic Vine


Because look at him.


This more than makes up for it.