First Photo of George and Stacy, Plus a History of George Clooney's Lovers

September 8, 2011 By:
First Photo of George and Stacy, Plus a History of George Clooney's Lovers

George Clooney is probably the most sought after Hollywood bachelor, and he's enjoying every minute of it. For a guy who gives absolutely zero hope of a fairy tale walk down the aisle, this guy pulls in some major tail.

Most recently, Clooney has been linked to ex-wrestler Stacy Keibler. Who knew a gal in a sequined bikini who puts dudes in headlocks could go on to be Clooney material?

The Daily has recently squashed rumors that the couple split, releasing an exclusive photo of the pair laughing and sharing a glass of champagne. George rests his head on the table while Stacy looks like the happiest person in the world.

Enjoy it while it lasts, Keibler. Here's a rundown of the many loves of George Clooney.

Kelly Preston: Clooney and Preston met and dated before either of them got famous, and the relationship got serious. They moved in together in 1988. Though, as struggling actors in L.A., maybe they were just splitting rent. Either way, the relationship ended only a year later.

Talia Balsam: She is the only woman to have ever gotten George Clooney to say "I do". He couple married in 1989, but they split only three years later. Since their divorce, Clooney has insisted he will never marry again.

Celine Balitran: Clooney's first waitress. The two met in 1996, while he was in France filming The Peacemaker. She moved to L.A. with him and they dated until 1999. So close, Celine. So close.

Lisa Snowdon: Clooney dated this British model on and off for five years until she finally ended it for good in 2006.

Krista Allen: Another on/off romance, Clooney met Krista when he cast her in the movie A Dangerous Mind. So Clooney had two on/off relationships going on at the same time. And I can barely keep up with playing two Words With Friends games.

Sarah Larson: Larson made history as the first women George Clooney brought to the Academy Awards. I bet it's on her Wiki page, too. Larson and Clooney met while she was a cocktail waitress in Vegas.

Elisabetta Canalis: Elisabetta shoulda known betta. In June, she talked to Italian mag, Chi, about her hopes to marry someday. Sure enough, days later, her and Clooney called it quits. The two had been dating since 2009, when they attended the Venice Film Festival together.