Elisabetta Canalis: George Clooney and I Had a Father-Daughter Relationship

October 31, 2011 By:
Elisabetta Canalis: George Clooney and I Had a Father-Daughter Relationship

I mean, George Clooney was old enough to be Elisabetta Canalis’ father.

While everyone thought Clooney and Canalis broke up because Canalis pulled the “M” card (“M” as in marriage aka a layer of hell in Clooney’s world) Canalis said that the two split for another reason and Canalis said that their relationship “was more of a father-daughter relationship.”

I’d say that’s a reason to break-up. Once the relationship starts treading into Daddy territory, you’ve got to go.

Canalis tells-all to Italian journalist Bruno Vespa in his new book Questo Amore and sets the record straight that she was indeed in love with Clooney, except for the whole Daddy issues thing.

“[He was] the person who valued my feminine side the most…He has been special for me, and very important, just as a father would be.”

She says their relationship was “more of a father-daughter relationship” and that she “was unable to clarify it until now.”

Now she realized that all those “call me daddy” references were not sexy and in fact just weird.

Though she doesn’t want the media to spin this, she says that her and Clooney’s relationship was perfect while it lasted.

“It was a great love and it was like living a fairy tale. George is a real gentleman even with his private life. I was very well respected as a partner,” admits Canalis.

Well duh, dating Clooney means you never have to work again and that your entire life is year-round summer by Lake Cuomo.

“I threw myself body and soul into my relationship with George. Four days after we met I packed my bags and moved in with him.”

So if everything was perfect and they didn’t break up because of differing views on marriage, then what went wrong?

“We both decided it was time to split up,” reveals Canalis, “George and I never spoke about marriage or children. I’m not saying that I don’t want them but neither he nor I ever imagined having children together. The end of the relationship was not caused by a marriage issue, but instead by our personal needs.”

“My relationship with George did not damage me. I was with a man who is famous across the world and I will go forward on my own. Here (America) I am living a dream!"

And then she got voted off Dancing With The Stars after her second dance. USA! USA! USA!