Elisabetta Canalis "Down in the Dumps" Post Clooney Split

June 29, 2011 By:
Elisabetta Canalis

Well, no kidding. Elisabetta Canalis’ parents are speaking out about their daughter’s recent split with notorious bachelor, George Clooney.

Bruna Canalis, mom of the 32 year-old Italian model, says her daughter is “very down in the dumps. I’ve spoken to her, and she is very sad, but these things happen.”

Elisabetta’s dad said, “He certainly would have made a good son-in-law, but it’s my daughter who has to decide.”

I feel bad for Elisabetta. Not so much because of the George Clooney thing, but for having a dad who’s so delusional. I’m pretty sure as soon as Elisabetta said the word “marriage”, all you could see was the cloud that was left behind after George Clooney jumped out of the nearest window.

The couple dated for two years and Canalis recently expressed ideas on marriage that opposed Clooney’s longtime vow to never marry again. She told Italy’s Vanity Fair that she is a “firm believer in marriage” and can’t be with someone that would never want to tie the knot with her.

The mag reports that Canalis stopped by Clooney’s Villa Oleandra home in Lake Como to get her things.

“She had her dog with her and was smoking a lot,” a witness said.