Clooney To Host Obama Fundraiser In Geneva

August 6, 2008 By:
Clooney To Host Obama Fundraiser In Geneva

November is right around the corner, and the presidential hopefuls need all the support they can get! Good thing for Obama, George Clooney has his back. He'll be hosting a fundraiser for Barack in Geneva, Switzerland in early September.

And not just any old Joe Schmoe can show up! The tickets are selling for $1000 a piece, and that doesn't even include the food! Plates start at $10,000 each. That's one expensive meal. Clooney was on the fence about hosting this event, for fear he would do more harm than good.

He told CNN, "I feel that at times you can harm the person that you are trying to help. I don't want to damage anybody."

He has a point! Sometimes celebs tend to harm rather than help during presidential elections. Just look at John Kerry!