The 7 Luckiest Waitresses Ever

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The 7 Luckiest Waitresses Ever
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Celebrities falling for the wait staff. How provincial!

When these work out for the better, it's like the modern day and legal retelling of Pretty Woman. When they don't, it's still makes for an okay made-for-TV romantic comedy you'll DVR for a lonely Saturday night or something.

We're so used to seeing celebs pair off with one another, it feels totally off the script and vaguely otherworldly when a star who's appeared in the pages of a tabloid ends up getting together with someone whose only ever read them.

Here are the seven celeb-meets-waitress love stories of recent memory—a few that took the check to the altar, and a few who won't be dining together anytime soon…

Nicolas Cage & Alice Kim – Nic Cage first met his wife at a now closed Koreatown "booking club," a club where waiters introduce its present patrons to one another, a custom unique to Korean clubs, called Le Privé. Well, turns out an unexpected meeting for Nic was when he saw a waitress there named Alice who he fell head over heels for; he'd frequent the sushi bar often too woo her…to the point where while she was on cashier duty he gifted her a diamond ring. The two got married in 2004 and have one son together, born in 2005.

Matt Damon & Luciana Barroso – Matt met a bartender named Luciana in Miami while filming the comedy Stuck On You and they've been inseparable ever since. The story goes that Matt was actually dragged to the bar from the movie set and the rest is a happily-ever-after marriage in 2005 for the two.

Tiger Woods & Jaimee Grubbs – This dating story is a little less happy-go-lucky and far more clandestine. Tiger Woods' much-publicized divorce involved his falling for a Los Angeles cocktail waitress that went on for three lengthy years. Then again, Jaimee wasn't the only woman he was involved with at the time, but this is the only one that was a waitress.

Michael Phelps & Sarah Herndon, Caroline Pal and Jasmine Waltz – Michael goes through so many waitresses it's as if he's treating this whole thing like a race. Recently he was spotted on an aquarium date with waitress Sarah Herndon after taking her to the Bahamas on a romantic getaway. Before that he's been linked with a Las Vegas cocktail waitress named Caroline Pal and Hollywood waitress Jasmine Waltz whose been linked to David Arquette and Ryan Seacrest. Apparently where Michael dines, there's just an all-you-can-eat buffet only serving the waitresses.

George Clooney & Sarah Larson – How do you go from cocktail waitress to elite Hollywood girlfriend? Two words: George Clooney. The charmingly notorious bachelor met Sarah who was working in the Moon nightclub at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas at the time. Obviously, George, as he always does, moved on to another lady, but we're sure he keeps them all in his heart.

Eddie Murphy & Lara Larue – There's love and sushi in the air again it seems. In what's this list's second met-over-California-rolls-in-California love story, Eddie met Lara while she was waiting tables at Sushiya restaurant in Los Angeles. Eventually the 22-year age difference was a little much, but it was still fun while it lasted.

David Schwimmer & Zoe Buckman – In what sounds like a two-part "Friends" episode, David/Ross flew over to London to direct a film in 2007. He was at the Cuckoo Club in London's West End when a waitress named Zoe served his table. Fast-forward through three years of dating and a secret marriage, the two recently just welcomed a new baby in the spring of 2011.