George Clooney Charges Big Bucks To Hang With The Silver Fox

August 27, 2012 By:
George Clooney Charges Big Bucks To Hang With The Silver Fox

The Descendants actor is going to great lengths to support his new pal Barack Obama… And that includes pimping himself out to all his rich non-friends.

Topping off his campaign to keep the Democrat in office, George Clooney is making a new move to get a little more cash for the Commander in Chief. The actor will hold a fundraiser in Geneva, Switzerland.

E! news reports that Clooney will offer himself up to fans willing to spend a pretty penny.

The event will cost attendees a cool $15,000 for a seat. If you want a picture with the silver fox himself, you’ll have to break out the checkbook for an additional $5,000. And a pre-dinner reception will be worth $1,000.

The full experience of the evening earns a price tag of $21,000… Just think of it as eating and mingling your life savings away… For the greater good.

Organizers of the affair expect the effort to pull in about 130 attendees, earning an extra half million for Obama.

Clooney has already pulled in a record breaking $12 million for the president’s campaign funds.

The source of the big numbers can be traced back to a swanky, celeb-studded fundraiser that Clooney hosted at his home back in May.

The first man in politics and the first man in entertainment have been known to rub elbows before, playing basketball together and gushing about each other in interviews.

Though Obama has admitted that Clooney has remained a “good friend and a good person” according to the president, their relationship has its boundaries.

"He's very protective about not bothering me,” Obama said in an interview with ET. “He's also sensitive to the fact that, you know, that if he's around a lot, then somehow it'll be tagged as 'Obama hanging out with Hollywood stars,' and that's not who he is.”