Prince George’s Bodyguards Are 50 Armed Policemen

July 31, 2013 By:
Prince George’s Bodyguards Are 50 Armed Policemen

And you thought celebrities were lazy for hiring nannies.

Prince George AKA the royal baby reportedly has a 50-person security team, comprised of armed officers! The baby will have 24-hour round-the-clock security while the family lives in Anmer Hall at the Queen’s Sandringham estate.

Wow, that many bodyguards must be expensive. Oh what's that you say? The people of England’s taxes pay for it? British taxes pay for a baby to have 50 nannies that carry guns?! Ah, okay.

Apparently there aren’t enough police officers on the force available to do the babysitting gig, so they are currently hiring more armed officers to do the job!

According to The Sun, the security team will have other duties on the property besides watching the baby. What, are they watering the plants now too?

Yeesh, royals. We cannot deal.