Everything the Royal Baby has Done this Week

July 30, 2013 By:
Everything the Royal Baby has Done this Week

Unfortunately for the royals, we have far more important things to do than track every damn move of the royal baby Prince George. Some of those “more important” things include tracking Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart’s every damn move.

So here, in nice organized bullet form is everything you need to know about the royal baby in all of his ONE WEEK of life.

He’s breastfeeding: Yep, like almost every mother-son duo before them, Kate Middleton and Prince George are breastfeeding, says the Daily Mirror.

He Has A Nickname: The Prince’s nickname will officially be Georgie.

They’re Moving: The family is reportedly moving to Anmer Hall. Wait, so they’re at Kensington Palace now, but they’re heading to Buckleberry, and then they’re going to Anmer Hall, and then when Kensington Palace is renovated, they’ll move back there? Yeesh, they wouldn't want to give the kid a complex about a lack of stability or anything. 

He Will Be Baptized: Rest assured young royal fanatics, the baby will be baptized by the Archbishop of Canterbury as an Episcopalian and for some weird-a*s reason they are serving old wedding cake “which they froze after their April 2011 wedding.” This according to Us Weekly.

He Will Be Raised Just Like His Dad: Little Georgie will be raised just like Princess Diana raised Will and Harry. What did you expect? They were going to put him in public school and hope he joins a circus?!