Gene Simmons' Secret To a Happy Marriage: 'Be A Wh*re'

January 6, 2012 By:
Gene Simmons' Secret To a Happy Marriage: 'Be A Wh*re'

Come on, it’s Gene Simmons. It’s not like he was gonna say, ‘Constant communication and at least one Date Night a week, hehe!’

Hollyscoop caught up with KISS rocker Gene Simmons and his stunning wife, Shannon Tweed, at the Haywire Premiere in
Los Angeles. We asked the newlyweds how they keep their romance alive, and quite simply, Gene told us:

“Put out.”

Tweed had a more subtle response.

“Keep having sex in different ways,” she told Hollyscoop.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that subtle after all. “Try to think of something new,” she continued. Gene chimed in:

“Romance is interesting, but somebody much more prolific than I am put it better; she should be a Madonna in the kitchen and a wh-re in the bedroom. That’s pretty accurate.”

By 'Madonna', he means the concept of a pure, ideal woman. He doesn’t mean that you should wear a cone bra while baking a quiche. Although, that might help a marriage, too.

The wh-re part is self-explanatory.

“Did you just call me a wh-re?” Tweed asks her husband. “I like that.”

Gene told Hollyscoop he meant to call his wife a wh-re “in the nicest way.”

So if the ladies have to put out, what do the men in a relationship have to do?

“The guys have to be in good health,” Simmons tells us.

Shannon tells Hollyscoop that the kids know the drill by now.

“Thank god the children are grown up. As soon as they hear noise form upstairs they leave the house. That’s good.”

It’s nice that after nearly three decades of being together, these two are still rocking and rolling all night. And, wait for it--partying every day.