Gene Simmons Chimes In On The Election

October 23, 2008 By:
Gene Simmons Chimes In On The Election

Everyone’s favorite outspoken rocker Gene Simmons made a rare cameo last night at the 'Role Models' movie premiere.

Given that the elections are right around the corner, we wanted to get Gene's take on the presidential candidates and who he'll be voting for.

"I would rather vote for me. I have as much qualification as some of the candidates," Gene told Hollyscoop exclusively. "Actually there are people who are out voting for me but the job doesn’t pay enough. We are going to be voting and I don’t think, by the way, celebrities should open their traps about anything except promoting their new stuff.

"Just because you’re in front of people doesn’t mean you’re qualified to do crap. I don’t want my foreign policy to be decided in Malibu…by Sean Penn for fucks sake…I mean that in a good way."

Do you guys agree with Gene? Do you think it hurts or helps candidates to have celebrities endorse them?