Gene Simmons Accused of Sexual Assault and Battery

May 28, 2010 By:
Gene Simmons Accused of Sexual Assault and Battery

Gene Simmons' family jewels have been on overdrive lately. A makeup artist by the name of Victoria Jackson claims the KISS singer has just filed a lawsuit against him for sexual assault and sexual battery.

Victoria claims Gene approached her when she was working at Los Angeles’ ESPN Sports Center last November and said in “a lecherous and inappropriate manner, ‘I like you.’”

According to the documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Victoria was “surprised by the overtly sexual attention."

She claims he grabbed her and hugged her, to which she responded: “Ouch. You are hurting me.” She then tried to back out of his way because “his spiked chest was jabbing her in the face”.

Gene refused to let go of her and instead “he pulled her even closer, tightly, pinning her arms and said, ‘No not yet.’ ”

She then claims he started “humping her to the extent she could feel his groin grinding into her."

Isn't that what he does to all the ladies? Expecting Gene Simmons to act like a gentleman is like expecting Lindsay to stay sober--it just isn’t happening.

Victoria is now suing him for half a million dollars claiming she's suffered humiliation, shame, embarrassment, anger, anxiety, loss of sleep and depression. And her 15 minutes start now...