Gary Coleman's Will Leaves Nothing to Wife

June 8, 2010 By:
Gary Coleman's Will Leaves Nothing to Wife

Shannon Price is sh*t out of luck if she thought she was getting anything out of Gary Coleman after his death. According to a new report, Gary’s ex-wife was iced out of his will.

According to TMZ, the 1999 will names his longtime manager Dion Mial as executor of the estate. It also states that if Dion isn’t able to execute the will, his sister Monique Madrid Marcum will serve as executrix of the will.

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Mial and his attorney Kent Alderman both claim the 1999 document trumps a handwritten 2007 codicil that lists Price as the sole beneficiary.

The will states that Coleman wished to be cremated and wanted a wake “conducted by those who have had no financial
ties to me and can look each other in the eyes and say they really cared personally for Gary Coleman.”

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Meanwhile, Mial insists Price "has been removing personal property from [Gary's] home which has not been inventoried or accounted for."

Shannon on the other hand claims she and Gary had reconciled and were thinking of renewing their vows before Gary died last week. It was made public that they had secretly divorced in 2008.

Let’s hope this settles things and Price takes her $200 she’s probably making off those bloody hospital pictures of Gary and disappears for awhile.