Gary Coleman's Funeral Canceled

June 4, 2010 By:
Gary Coleman's Funeral Canceled

Gary Coleman’s funeral has been canceled because his wife Shannon Price just can’t seem to get along with his parents!

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Sue and Willie Coleman—who been estranged from the late actor for decades—are planning on filing for legal control over his remains.

Their lawyer said in a statement, "The Colemans don't want to fight with anyone. They just want to bring their son home."

Gary Coleman's Family Battle Wife Over Body

On the contrary, Gary's agent, Sheila Erickson said the parents have "different plans than what is in Gary's will. It's clear that Shannon is the one that Gary wants to represent him, as she did in the hospital. He didn't mention, at any time, his parents."

To make things more complicated, Gary's attorney Randy Kester told the paper, "No one's come forward with what appears to be a valid will. He had an old trust prepared, by whom I don't know. Every copy I had seen was unsigned. He just simply wouldn't take the time to go and get that done."

Gary Coleman Was Divorced at Time of Death

What a mess! We think both sides are crazy! His parents are creeping us out because they suddenly want to be involved. And Shannon Price is a total whack job for saying she wants fans to pay for his funeral!

TMZ obtained video of Price telling the cameras, "I'm just wishing and hoping that people will pour out to us and really show their compassion like they have been sending the letters and emails."

Gary may have lived troubled life, but he deserves a proper funeral!

Update: According to, Coleman's parents have withdrawn their court bid over their son’s body.

Their attorney Frederick A. Jackman said the Colemans no longer see a need to proceed with a Formal Probate of their son’s estate. “From the start, Mr. and Mrs. Coleman’s intention has been to see that Gary’s wishes be honored and that his affairs be taken care of properly,” Jackman said. “They wanted to do things the right way, and they urge those still involved to do the same. The Colemans ask that everyone please treat Gary with respect and kindness.

He added, “They feel it is time for him to find peace and let his spirit go.”

We're happy to hear this because it didn't make any sense on their part! They'd been estranged from their son for years, and their sudden interest was a little disturbing.

Hopefully now there can be a proper funeral for him!