Gary Coleman's Disturbing Death Photos for Sale

June 7, 2010 By:
Gary Coleman's Disturbing Death Photos for Sale

This is so disturbing! Photos of Gary Coleman's lifeless body are being shopping around to various media organizations.

According to TMZ, there are four photos of Gary's body currently being shopped around--and they're super gruesome.

Gary Coleman Was Going to Remarry

In one of the photos Gary is still at the hospital and has several tubes coming out of his mouth. And the final photo was taken shortly after he was taken on life support.

The asking price is in the low five figures and sadly some sick person will most likely end up buying these and it'll spread on the internet like wildfire.

There were only a few people in his room at the time of his death, including his estranged creepy wife Shannon Price and his parents. Who would snapped the photo to make money off his death? Tell us your predictions!