Gary Coleman Was Going to Remarry

June 5, 2010 By:
Gary Coleman Was Going to Remarry

Gary Coleman and his wife Shannon Price secretly divorced in 2008, but continued to live together. Go figure.

And now that he's passed away we're learning some interesting things about his private life. According to Gary's agent, he was planning on remarrying Shannon.

Gary Coleman's Funeral Canceled

“They never remarried but they were recently talking about getting remarried,” said Shannon’s agent, Sheila Erickson.

“They were waiting for Shannon and Gary’s health to get better. In fact, Gary wanted to wed two weeks ago, but she wanted him to get better first.”

Shannon didn't seem too upset about the fact that Gary was lying on the floor bleeding when she called 911. In fact she refused to go over to him to help him because she "had a fever" and "couldn't deal."

Just hours after she pulled the plug on him she was seen smiling and posing for various photos. Sad!