Gary Coleman Hospital Pics Sell for $10K

June 9, 2010 By:
Gary Coleman Hospital Pics Sell for $10K

The disturbing photos of Gary Coleman in the hospital have reportedly sold for $10,000! Earlier this week, Hollyscoop reported that Coleman’s ex-wife Shannon Price struck a deal with a tabloid for the exclusive pics.

According to Popeater, The Globe magazine was the tabloid to do it. And this could lead to their highest-selling issue ever.

Gary Coleman's Will Leaves Nothing to Wife

"They are going to sell a crazy amount of magazines," a source that has seen the images tells me. "Yes, it's an ugly decision to run pictures of a man in his hospital bed minutes before he died, but dead celebrities sell."

Gary Coleman's Wife Mastermind Behind Bloody Photos

A shocking picture of Elvis, lying dead in his casket, was published by the National Enquirer in 1977, and became their biggest-selling issue to date. Ok! ran a picture of Michael Jackson after he’d passed last year, and that too sold for $500,000.

The big question is—was it worth it?? Shannon Price will always have to live with the fact that she did that to her husband, and so will the magazine. In our eyes, it definitely wasn’t worth it.