Gary Coleman Cremated

June 18, 2010 By:
Gary Coleman Cremated

Gary Coleman missed out on a proper funeral, but he was finally cremated yesterday.

Gary, who died of a brain hemorrhage last month following a fall at his home, was put to rest during a quiet, simple proceeding at a mortuary in Sandy, Salt Lake City.

Lawyer Robert Jeffs – who was ordered to oversee Gary’s estate – said: “The proceeding was conducted in accordance with Mr. Coleman’s desires as expressed in his will that no funeral service, wake or other ceremony memorialize his passing.”

As Hollyscoop previously reported, his former agent Victor Perillo is making sure that Gary gets a proper memorial.

He said, “I’m planning a proper memorial for the industry to say goodbye to one of the greatest child actors ever,” Perillo says. “I’m planning it with NBC and Norman Lear and it will be something for everyone.”

Rest in peace Gary, you'll be missed!