No Friends Reunion After All

July 7, 2008 By:
No Friends Reunion After All

We won't be seeing America's favorite friends hit the big screen after all. After rumors that the cast was reuniting for a movie, more than one cast mate shot them down. Boo!

"Nothing is happening in this regard," said Matthew Perry's rep in a statement. "The rumor is false."

David Schwimmer's publicist also chimed in, saying, "There's been no discussion about it."

And perhaps the most famous friend of all, Jennifer Aniston, was the nail in the coffin. Her rep said that his client was unaware of any such project, and who questioned why she would have any interest in revisiting her sitcom days.

It's probably a good idea. What would the plot line be? More Rachel and Ross drama? Smelly cat cameo? As much as we loved the show, we're glad they're keeping it just as that…a show.