Friday Night Lights May Get Picked up for Two More Seasons

March 11, 2009 By:
Friday Night Lights May Get Picked up for Two More Seasons

Friday Night Lights may be coming back again! The once canceled show on NBC came back last season on DirecTV, which made their huge fanbase extremely happy. And now we hear a rumor that it may get picked up again, but for two seasons this time!

Entertaiment Weekly reports that NBC is in talks with DirecTV to do another season of the show, and if it goes well, which it probably will, FNL would be renewed for two more seasons.

NBC and DirecTV have yet to comment on the deal, but an NBC insider commented that the studio is “actively looking at ways to keep FNL going.” reports that another NBC source said “We’re very optimistic a deal will be worked out.”

The only potential problems as of now are that one of the stars of FNL, Jason Katims, is shooting another NBC pilot this spring called Parenthood. If that gets picked up, then he’d either have to pick one or do double time every day! And Friday Night Lights director is currently working on another NBC pilot called Trauma, which would tie up his time if it got picked up.

But other than that, Friday Night Lights fans can get excited that their show is probably coming back! Now you’ll just have to go and switch to DirecTV!