Fred Willard Reviews Adult Film On Twitter

July 23, 2012 By:
Fred Willard Reviews Adult Film On Twitter

Remember Fred Willard’s alleged “indiscretions” inside an adult movie theater last week? Those moves that got him international attention and simultaneously fired from his job at PBS?

Well here’s the real rub to the whole affair -- apparently, he didn’t even like the movie.

Willard has taken to the soapbox of Twitter the last couple of hours offering up explanations, decorating tips, severely abbreviated film reviews and alternate suggestions for viewing entertainment.

Actor Fred Willard Gets Arrested at Adult Theater

He repeatedly maintained throughout his arrest that he did “nothing wrong,” and goes on to reveal his side of the story and what he thinks should become of the scene of the crime:

While just hours after the incident Willard was relieved of his position on PBS’s “Market Warriors” (a series in the vein of “Antiques Roadshow,” with a treasure hunt angle), Willard wants his peeps to know that he can still be seen, in the flesh, on “Trust Us With Your Life,” an improvisational comedy show that he hosts:

So what was the movie that allegedly excited him physically, but disappointed him on an emotional level? Sadly, that specific detail in this cautionary tale hasn't yet been revealed.

Fred Willard's Naughty Business Gets him Fired From PBS

Sorry Fred, those are some seriously rotten tomatoes.