Fred Willard Denies Allegations, Case Reviewed By L.A. Prosecutors

July 20, 2012 By:

The story of Fred Willard’s, “free willy” is getting more and more complicated.

Yesterday, iconic 72-year-old actor Fred Willard was arrested and booked for lewd conduct in an adult theater in Los Angeles. The theater in question was the Tiki Theater in Hollywood. Despite it’s tropical title, this theater shows hard core stuff, including a porn parody of “The Client List.”

Now, the case is being reviewed to decide if there are any charges to be filed against actor Fred Willard.

However, Fred might walk free. He was caught with his hand around his you-know-where in an act that looked like you-know-what, but apparently in California, it’s only illegal to masturbate in a public place if the act is occurring near people who “might be offended.”

Just a hunch, but I’m assuming that anyone who watches films in the Tiki theater wouldn’t be offended by said act?

Anyways, TMZ caught Fred Willard walking out of his lawyers office yesterday and as it is common in Hollywood, the actor denied the allegations!

He says his lewd conduct arrest was a “big misunderstanding” and says that the police force were “all doing a great job.”

He also said it was a “strange situation” that “didn’t happen.”

Yeah, he just thought he was seeing an advance screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Ohh, Anne Hathaway, when did you get a boob job?

Just a fun fact for your Friday morning. Fred Willard’s next project is a movie called “The Yank.” So inappropriate, yet so appropriate.