Former Us Weekly Reporter In Trouble

May 25, 2006 By:

This story is just so scandalous and y’all know we love us some good Hollywood scandal. Page Six is reporting this morning that a former Us Weekly reporter, Jill Iskhanian has potentially gotten herself in trouble with the FBI. I remember that Jill was not only a reporter but at one time she used to be the editor. I used to see her pics on the first page left hand corner. Note to self: Never piss the FBI or IRS off!

”FBI agents seized computers and other items yesterday from the home of a former Us Weekly reporter suspected of illegally hacking into the weekly's computer system to obtain information about celebrities, in particular Charlie Sheen. Sources tell that the feds raided the home of Jill Ishkanian, a co-owner of Sunset Photo & News, on a warrant. The Web site spoke with former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss, who said the feds contacted her and accused her of being involved in the alleged hacking plot. Sources say Fleiss and Ishkanian are close friends. Fleiss said the allegations against her are "ridiculous." Ishkanian could not be reached.”